Sunset whispers from a detached traveller 

As I write this now; awaiting 12hrs at Pula airport for the flight back to my new home London, I feel a wonderful detachment to the “things” I have lost in the last week.

Thoughts of my journey to Croatia; the second one in my life. From last years September Hvartska adventure to now I have done my fair share of travelling; hopping from Bali, Hong Kong, Amsterdam to Czech Republic and finally England. Here’s one crucial thing I’ve learnt: with all of those visas you get stamped in your passport you will never be prepared enough for the complications that pop up, like a pest, on your journey. My advice is to laugh off what annoys you and learn to appreciate the good bits more.

I got confused with the currency after two months of travelling. Where I was to change British pounds to Croatian kuna, I got Czech koruna’s instead. Absent-mindly. Due to the exchange rates I made some of my money disappear, just like that. I also lost my iPhone 5s on the first night of Outlook festival. But that wasn’t all I lost over the week.

The feeling of despair hovers over me and I look towards the graceful, soft blue sky. Watching the sun fall into dusk. I am alone. The horizon glows as the sun leaves us with our affair with the night.

Still 12hrs to go before tracks can be made so here it goes…

Detachment requires dropping the ego. That part of you who thinks loves you the most. The fuel of your desires, the one that gets hurt when your “mine” is tarnished. “Mine” is a term I thought deeply about during a Vipassana course. It refers to “my favourite jacket”, “my bestfriend”, “my goals and dreams” – “it’s mine, and if it loses that status I will not be happy”.

So detachment is key to being happy, especially when you’re travelling. When you realise you can move on without it. And let me tell you about moving on… It happens consistently, to the beat of every minute and every second. By holding on to anything negative like sadness, anger or despair you are abusing your freedom.

I acknowledge the unfortunate events happening in my case at this moment. I acknowledge the tedious present is beyond my control. What I do have control over is the choice of chocolatey and crispy snacks I choose for dinner and breakfast. 



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