Scent off a job interview

Today. Woke up. Thankfully double checked my first appointment; 10am not 11am. Holborn. £1.70 coffee – worth it. Oh look Charles Dickens museum; £8 entry – umm.. I’m ok, I’ll just stare at where he used to live and breathe in the culture. Second job interview; I’ve been here for over an hour and have 30mins to get to the next one. Shit, I’ve hopped on the wrong tube. Finally… I’m on the right line, now let me get my bearings… Wait. Shit! I’m going the wrong direction. 


I snapped this photo in Shoreditch today; subliminally I needed a reminder that the force is with me.

The smell of success

Ever since I heard this saying, I’ve craved a whiff. The meaning of success can be defined in so many ways by every individual.

Last week I walked out of a job interview feeling like I nailed it. Later this afternoon I receive an email with a kind rejection. I take a sniff, the smell still there and I ask myself why. Because my dreams and passions empower me.

My tips for nailing an interview won’t guarantee a job but you’ll walk out without feeling like an egg. 

  1. Brainstorm your interests – this will help list your strengths and core values, which will definitely be a topic of conversation. Without getting stumped or giggling nervously, you will instead have the confidence to sell all your positive attributes. Use this #1 task to redefine your goals and to identify what your weaknesses are too.
  2. Do your research on the company – hop on their website and read through their brochure; get a feel for what the company’s values are. Kick start by getting knowledge of who you may be potentially working for and show that you have the enthusiasm to share their vision.
  3. Dress for success – if you find yourself lucky with something in your staple wardrobe, well done. Otherwise I’ve always had luck finding a thrifty but civil outfit by taking the time to check out charity stores. Most importantly allocate time to iron. It also doesn’t hurt to shine the shoes.
  4. Find a motto – this one is my favourite. It’s that Gouda success smell. Find a quote that inspires you, remind yourself of it before you enter the interview and live those words as your mantra.
  5. “Have you got any questions?” – ask at least one to show your enthusiasm. If not mentioned, rosters & salary will be informative to you. Otherwise, try how the company decided on its name (if it’s interesting), staff/product turnover, why the position is available or if there’s been many other interest in the vacancy.

Lastly following up if you haven’t heard back in 5 days shows initiative and determination. I hope these tips help you smell your success, all the best and I’ll leave this note with something for the ears – Marcus Intalex & MC DRS Fabric mid mic crisis mix



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