For the love of drum & bass

Sunday remnants. Friday night saw myself gracing Fabric club, in London, with my presence for Metalheadz.

With so many different individuals in the world, people can be grouped in two boxes; those who don’t mind going to a party on their own and the remainder who would much prefer to stay in. Wandering inside Fabric alone, I am surrounded by flocks of strangers; I know absolutely no one here. The feeling is uncomfortable, awkward and exhilarating.

Life is relatively too short to not go out because you have no one to go with. Find the courage to step out of your comfort zone.

Life is also relatively too short to pay for your own drinks. As personal entertainment, smile and catch eyes with strangers until one offers your next round. If the free-beverage-token guy gets persistently annoying and, in most cases, when #1 priority is bass it is perfectly safe to walk (or run) to the opposite side of the room, keep calm and carry on stompin’.
Getting some cigarette-infused fresh air, at the smoking area, can also help slice the ice of your anti-social iceberg of attending a gig alone. When asked who I had come to the event with I reply to most saying that my shaming (non-existent) mates there were in the other zone listening to house. Swerve.

My appreciation for drum & bass goes beyond my ego. For the love of drum & bass, in this post I share some of my insights from personal experience; enjoy.

On the last note this bangin’ mix got me started for the weekend, so if you need some inspiration to get your solo bum out to the next event; treat your ears to this. Introducing a 2hr set by a tasty trio, together they have produced some of my all time favourites such as Lef Dem and Squares Critical no. 23: RinseFM | Sam Binga, Redders & Om Unit.


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