My top 3 goals

Today I embark on a 2 week project: Blogging 201. To start off, first assignment has been to reflect on what I want to accomplish with my blog and to translate my vision into three goals for this upcoming fortnight.

The power of words and the strength of sentences is limitless. A core reasoning for why I blog is to transform my personal experience into a form of light and positive inspiration for others.

If my blog was to exceed my wildest dreams it would look like a vibrant hub where readers enter an atmosphere of a creative community, celebrating various walks in life.

My goals for blogging 201 are:

  1. Gain a community of at least 10 followers by 30th September.
  2. Publish at least 6 posts for the duration of blogging 201 (this works out to be one every second day).
  3. Spend at least an hour each week exploring, following, reading and commenting on other blogs. From now until 1st November.

So there are my three big balloons and here starts a journey of getting the party started๐ŸŽˆ



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