200 days of summer

Let’s rhapsodise over my sweet seven month summer-binge. Mull; it’s a Pina Colada served in a disco ball; chilling on a long Long Island ice tea.

Rewinding back to after it all began, day 1 of 2015; rejection, humiliation, bestfriends and vodka in real coconuts. Endless nights, long mornings, all day eggs benedict and blackouts…

Elements in the flesh; Kiwiburn (NZ’s region of Burning Man), cliff jumping, lusty lakes, dreams – old & new… Underground rave institution. Projected movies in the middle of nowhere, ladles of gigs with wine and topped with beer.

Extended summer getaways every weekend, that dragged past midnight on Sunday’s and ended at 3hr Monday morning work commutes. Bali’s just the beginning; haggling, water slide parks, midnight mopeds after tattoo shenanigans, unrequited in Hong Kong; where I saw my desires driven higher than the 69th floor. Summer was endless.

I will be officially welcoming the Autumnal equinox next Wednesday, 23 September and I graciously (with learnt lessons in one hand and swashbuckling duties in the other) vow to remain liberated, a slave to the rave, a dreamer, hopeless in romance and a fiend for miracle manifestations, the desire to grow and a sniper for abundance.

Here I share with you my Autumn reflections on getting intoxicated off that euphoric air that lingers about in summer. As I look back on my inspiriting journey, the seemingly everlasting 200 days, I encourage YOU to do something you think is “too crazy”.

I dare you… To live the best day ever, every single day.


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