Going on a date with Reflection 

That constant battle with myself where mischief meets priorities, kicks the hell out of it and hides it in a closet for a week.

This Sunday eve, night of a Supermoon and also mid Mercury Retrograde, I reflect and align the important aspects in my life. In no order of significance, they are: health, career, relationships, wellbeing, integrity and balance. A big disappointment that I highlighted during my end of week reflections would be the lack of actions I had hope to commit towards my Passion Project.

When time slows down (I noticed my watch was 5 minutes slower than my iPhone today, and I found my punctuality particularly terrible over the week) it helps to dwell on the very present. Where personal willpower and ones commitment to their passions could be doubted, choose to follow your path proudly. My path has love for thyself, freedom, acceptance and the willingness to constantly grow.

How to reflect: think critically on the subject of your behaviour and actions, ask yourself questions like “Where do I see myself in 5 years time?” and “What did I do today that my future self will be grateful for?”, brainstorm ways you can encompass transformative learning into your day to day and use a diary or calendar to get organised.

Here are three tips to take on board while you reflect:

  1. Re-evaluate your goals and set the bar higher. Put in place assignments for yourself. Setting goals = steps you take to achieve your dreams!
  2. De-clutter: tidy up your environment, fold/hang/clean laundry, clear rubbish, sort cupboards & drawers; essentially make room externally so there’s space internally for maximal brain power.
  3. Treat yourself! Every now and then everyone needs a reminder to not be so hard on yourself, if you’re feeling down… Do some retail therapy, go play at an arcade or get an ice cream, whatever triggers genuine happiness into your life should be rewarded when you get stupid rocks in your socks.

Happy reflecting all you superstars and thanks for reading my serendipitous life rants.


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