Gourm-EH lasagna *Garfield Approved*

Lasagna, like personalities and a majority of aspects in life, comprises of many layers. With each blanket of pasta enriched in tasty sauce and filling, it is no surprise that the celebrated lasagna makes the best food for entertaining or personal comfort. 

Here I share my method of making this dish for 1-4 people (I ate it all myself!). I used at 20x25cm dish that is 5cm deep. For a vegetarian substitute, use an alternative like tofu or pack in extra veggies! 

Ingredients: 200g mince, lasagna sheets, onion, crushed garlic, chicken stock cube, oregano, tomato paste, 2x tins of crushed tomatoes or 2x jars of pasta sauce, a range of chopped veggies (I used eggplant, spinach, carrots and capsicum) and mozzarella cheese.

  1. And it all began with the big CHOP…   
  2. Fry the mince. Once properly cooked add onion, garlic and herbs. The veggies can be added in shortly after (faster cooking veggies i.e spinach & capsicum can be added straight after step 4)   
  3. Mix stock cube with 1/3 cup of boiling water and pour into the mixture. Turn up the heat and let the flavour absorb.   
  4. Once most of the liquid has evaporated, add 1x can/tin tomatoes with a squeeze of tomato paste.   
  5. Start assembling by spreading a light layer of tomatoes from the second jar and put down a single layer of lasagna sheets to cover the dish and top with the tasty mixture. Re-line and repeat until dish is filled with stacks and mixture is used up.   
  6. Cover the top with the rest of the tomatoes and similar to putting a bow on top of a present, grace your dish with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese. Bake for 25mins (or as per instruction on lasagna packet.
  7. Resist the temptation and let it rest after it emerges from the oven for about 10mins.   
  8. Nom nom!  Plate lickin’ goodness. How satisfying was your go? 

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