Your intent-vitation Part I

Here is an invitation to challenge yourself to look a little deeper as to what you want in this crazy game; life.

We’ve recalled the beauty of reflecting in A Date with Reflection and 200 Summer Days. This is the first part to intention setting, which I hope will inspire you to take that initial leap and put your mind to paper.

Sometimes we tangle ourselves so much in what we don’t want that we miss sight of a good opportunity. Unfortunately that “great divide” between our heart, brain and everything else that correlates (otherwise known as the soul) cannot differentiate between your likes and dislikes. What this means is if you focus on attributes you don’t want in life, you; yourself, will subconsciously manifest the unwanted just by letting that dwelling exist.

Instead, if you list what you want and allow yourself to delve into these points, in return you will give yourself the opportunity to:

  1. Form small goals to reach a bigger picture.
  2. Excavate further details of what it is you want.
  3. Believe that you can aim higher than you can imagine. Identify what holds you back and believe you deserve something more marvellous than fear.

By writing what you intend to welcome as part of your present and future, what you actually want will be encompassed in your spirit. It will be written in your destiny. You will be gifting yourself the tools for carving the path to your fate. The fate that you have intended.


The most important aspect of intention setting is writing it down. It’s simpler to know in your mind what you intend to achieve but replicating your words to paper is that daunting requirement to creating your history.

Take note…

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I’ve started writing mine in a notebook. Following my own rules, here I create a sanctuary of what I want my existence to amount to. Feel free to share below how inviting intent has shaped you so far!

Thanks for dropping by xx



  1. First, I love that quote. “We can’t direct the wind but we can adjust the sails”. That’s pretty much my life motto and inspiration for my blog, so thank you for introducing me to words that will help me figure out where I want my blog to go. Second, I habitually think to myself what I want in my mind and have steps to get there. Normally nothing set in stone and usually have two or three backup plans. That being said, I never thought of writing them down. Good advice, seeings as I’m extremely forgetful and spend half my time trying to find my train of thought. Is this a series you’re doing? A post on HOW you put together your notebook.


    • Thank you for reading! By writing down what you want to achieve and where you want to be, you are giving yourself the gift of accountability which will also invite motivation and drive into your life. We all encounter blocks and I will openly admit that recently I have not been posting on my blog as regularly as I would like but by revisiting my intentions, something starts jogging inside me (passion perhaps?) and you get back on a familiar track and keep going 😉
      I will endeavour to write a post on intention journalling. Thanks again for your time in reading and commenting *blogout*

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