Chasing lions

The other day I learnt that Astron is the Greek word for stars and Nautes means sailor. The etymology of these words stimulated me to wonder beyond this galaxy as to how the origin of dreaming and wishing begun.

Reverting back to my goals and intentions set earlier this year; I feel as lost as I did earlier today trying to find my Airbnb apartment in the bewilderment of Alfama in Lisbon. But here, where I struggle to find my bearings; here I find my inspiration, the beginnings of new research and the continuum of my studies.

Here I want to share with you my psychological insight on the Ebbinghaus Illusion; a theory that when you see something e.g the moon, amongst buildings you think it is bigger than it normally is. When in fact, it is the same size as it is high in the sky. Only by size comparison of other objects it appears larger than it actually is. See example – same sized orange dot but surroundings change the effect of original dot.

ebbinghaus illusion

And it is here where I understand that each and every person undergoes their own intake of stress, troubles, happiness, thoughts… the list goes on, each and every day. Regardless of each human, what day of the week it is or what the weather is like. And from here I begin to analyse the struggles that we face – how a little problem can be the tip of all of your other troubles and how all your can of worms can add up to make you feel more small and helpless than you really are. I am here to tell you that this optical illusion is playing mind games with you!

I watched a powerful video today about Public Speaking for Quiet People by Michelle Dickson. A strong message portrayed during the talk; and I will say it from myself, is about how facing my fears make me stronger. Are you all familiar with the quote…

Scary dreams

So I’m here to remind you that the world IS big and scary. That life does get overwhelming; for me it gets more overwhelming as time goes by. But what is seriously grounding is revisiting your goals and intentions (that you have written down – and if not, maybe this is where you start) and picking up from where you have left off.

Here is a little story I want to share with you before you go running off;

This is a tale about a beat who felt out of place; out of line; out of key.

Others surrounding her seemed to flow by so naturally. The beat was confused – she didn’t know whether to speed up or slow down nor did she know what tempo she was meant to start each day with. Her natural rhythm started to distort as she tried to match hers with others – what a dilemma this little beat felt!

This little beat didn’t feel unhappy but she was aware that she was missing a part of tuning her life. She felt as if she didn’t fit in and this became a worrying thought; one by one each worry piled and she was consumed by overwhelming blocks of helplessness.

The beat had to remove herself from that flow, just for a wee while; and for her own sake and in her mind for the sake of others. So this little beat allocated time in her day to travel, listen, watch and take in history. She looked for art in every aspect of her findings and in return forced her own art out.

And there in that very moment… she lived in that moment ever after.

What is it you want to achieve and conquer in this lifetime? Put your astronaut helmet on and set your missions – if you fail your aim, fall among the stars where you can pick yourself back up and set your targets even higher. Because being afraid is part of living and you can’t be fearless without facing it.


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