Broken pieces become human art

Tune inspiration: What remains – Cern ft. Dabs

What remains when something becomes damaged goods? When feelings are hurt, hearts broken, seams on clothing unravel or when screws loosen; isn’t it something to marvel that although global warming is in the air, the earth is still intact and that through your entire life you have fallen down and been knocked over but still here you are, living each day as it comes.

So many cliches come to my mind when I take a moment to ponder over this.

When one door closes, another one opens.

If a door is a metaphor for opportunities; surely there are always more doors as an option. And if one is closed, there is always the option of turning the handle to open another opportunity. On the other hand there are also windows.

Last week I was on my way with two girlfriends to one of their houses. There was a realisation that the useful device that would let us in was already inside – not very useful at this point. After tedious door banging to gain attention from her flatmate who was on the 2nd floor we thought we could go to a restaurant, recharge our phones and try again later. We passed the kitchen window and the thought crossed our mind of another entry. The window pane looked secured but with a strong nudge it uplifted our spirits. 

I stand by my point that you will always be faced with opportunities, challenges and chances. Even if you consider yourself having a low-key life, you can metaphorically enter a hallway  of your own and in whichever moment you choose, open a door to a change.

Fall down twice, stand up thrice 

A baby who begins taking their first steps doesn’t decide that walking isn’t for them after all their countless tumbles. This idea should follow us in all aspects with what we do; if life knocks you down, stand back up, brush the dirt off, pull your shoulders back and take another step in the game of life. How boring would it be if everything went your way all the time? What opportunities would you have missed if you didn’t have to push your boundaries or pull yourself back up?

The balance of yin & yang

One of my favourites that help me get through the shittiest days of all. Without darkness you wouldn’t see how bright stars shine. With each sadness felt, happiness should trail – I promise. Happiness is like glitter, when you think you’ve gotten rid of it, you find speckles of it here and there for years to come. What makes you happy? For me it is sunshine and smiles; gratifying sensations that outweigh moments of grey. 

Some days will be wonderful and other days you may be overwhelmed with defeat; on these days you may fear that you are damaged goods and you may feel lonely and unloved but let me remind you that all your pieces; broken and all, is one form of beautiful mosaic. Each piece containing your history, your lessons, gains and loss, happiness and sadness; like a fingerprint unique to you, your mosaic is your art as a human being.


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