Your life presence 

Tune inspiration: Waiting on/Tokyo prose

People come and go. Like when you’re at a party, having the best time of your life with someone but eventually, a new day rises and it’s time go home. 

I’ll put aside my cynicism aside here and would love to point out that some of those best people choose to stay and not only see through the day but for many more moons. Some may stay but aren’t always present; alive in your memories and in your heart. You might be lucky and some may stick all the way through with you because life just ain’t up to par without each other. But there is no exception to this; you may have known someone for 10 years and then you part ways or you might get to know someone within a week and decide you will be soul friends forever. 

Best friends, lovers, family, pets; come and go and perhaps even return but what I’m here to ponder today is that as part of life, relationships fall apart, people decease, people move on, you get an insight of a little bit or a lot of a persons soul and life goes on.

The most important relationship of them all is with yourself, no one knows you better than yourself. And if you have a falling out with the one looking back at you in the mirror then you’ve got to attempt to make things works because ultimately you won’t be the best kind of person out there in the world if you mistreat priority #1 – yes that’s you!

When you say you are lost or have forgotten who you are, look at your roots. Dig deep into your memories and analyse who you once were – this is why keeping a diary is great because you can look back (and there’s no better time to start than now if you haven’t got one already!). Remember what it was like growing up, conversations that seemed endless, arguments that made your whole head turn red. Close your eyes and remember someone from the past, picture their features. Think about the dynamics between family members, teachers, friends, lovers, strangers…

Read the history of your past, glimpse back with no regrets so that you can move forward.

You are the player of your game, the star of your show. Unlimited fame has been indented on your soul the moment you were born.

Go and be you; you have a purpose so take each pain as a gain with a pinch of salt and shot of tequila! What are you waiting for? 


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