The seeing & being of art

I often wander through this land, presence and Galaxy and wonder not only why there’s not one reason why we are all here, but how collectively we all contribute to the wellbeing of others positively, negatively; undoubtedly.

Today I stumbled upon the works of a young and very talented artist, Dimitra Milan. Her paintings attracted me on a spiritual level where I was drawn to the use of vivid colours, contrasting subjects and enchanting atmosphere.

I often paint women with animals and nature to create a dreamy atmosphere to give the feeling anything is possible.

Her style inherits mixed media and as a result, builds layers to achieve a distinctive and unique style. Delicate flowers juxtaposed with defining creatures and a mix of soft and striking features creates a feeling of a magical relationship between nature, animal and being. The style invites the viewer into an ethereal and almost surreal atmosphere.  
I am grateful that she has shared her skills with the world. Her paintings are out of the world and as only a viewer I commend her mind on canvas; allowing others to recognise through her eyes yet to imagine and feel the illusive fantasy within thyself.

As well as sharing, with the world, her art; I also read that she donates her works to important causes.

Giving back to charitable causes continues to be an important part of Dimitra’s work as an emerging artist. Her paintings are regularly donated to non-profit organizations that advocate against human trafficking and “Comfy Cozies 4 Chemo” which provides assistance to families and children with cancer.

Today, I share with you an amazing artist and her produce.

I share with you words of support; that whether you think you’re here today for one reason or a hundred, you are valued; so stay true and be you and dream bigger than you have ever before!


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