The essence of your sense

Someone once asked myself and a group of others if we talk to ourselves, as I pondered I said in my mind; “Do I?” Today I focus on that inner mind chatter that can hold us back. Are you familiar with this sort of language: “I don’t have enough money/time”, “I’m too young/old”, “Will I ever be good enough?”, “Will people laugh at me?” – you get the gist.

This type of inner mind chatter are your limiting beliefs and it is also the root as to why sometimes we don’t get to B and stay at A; frustrated and disappointed.
If we abbreviate the idea to 3 zones; it starts with the safe, comforting inner part, the motivating stretch, where there is a risk and then the fearful red zone, where panic strikes; resulting in stress, anxiety and even procrastination.

Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can’t, you’re probably right.

The doubting inner voice won’t be solved by diverting your thoughts to commercial positivity, neither can you suppress it and make it disappear. However, I challenge you to be aware; to identify this language. Acknowledge the root and work with your “limiting beliefs”.
An example for me would be “I don’t know much” – notice the negative in this statement – “I don’t”; other frequent ones may be along the lines of “I can’t”, “I must…”, “I should…”.

So how do you work with your limiting belief? 

Turning around your limiting belief means that you are going to look at your thoughts; and learn to make it work for you rather than against you.
If you try this activity right now; say out loud or write down something you feel is holding you back. Then disassociate yourself from your statement for a moment; by this I challenge you to vision yourself with no limits (What is your idealist and dream world?)
Recognise and replace the negativity in your statement.
My example is now “I am inspired to learn more”.  

I got home from work this evening knowing that my main chore was to clean the gerbils cage, which has been untouched for almost 3 weeks. After chasing one little fluffy munchkin, who had escaped and was running around freely in the hazardous house, getting my hands clammy from clumps of rodent poo, getting fumed in the face with the stench of old bedding… I’ll stop the rant there; I felt exhausted! All I wanted to do was curl up in bed and sleep into another day.
I managed to get myself into the shower, and here is where I want to share with you the power of thinking. I say to myself “what other 5 things can I achieve tonight?”

My list is:

  1. Apply for split payment tickets for Boomtown
  2. Write a blog – reflecting on the 2 day life coaching course I attended in Leeds this week
  3. Send a birthday card
  4. Put stamps on the bunch of letter’s I’ve been meaning to post for a wee while
  5. Listen to some new tunes on SoundCloud

I repeat this to myself. This list of 5 is totally achievable. As I am writing this (2 hours in) I have accomplished 3/5.

A wit once said: “If I hadn’t believed it, I wouldn’t have seen it…”

There is goodness in the worst and vice versa. The power of thinking can also hold both weakness and strength but it’s transforming who you are now and how you are feeling now to where you want to be. I believe in you.



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