Carving up Perception

Last night I treated myself to dinner at Brew [read review later]; this was a big treat as this month I have been very stressed and strung from repercussions, affecting me majorly on the emotional and financial front.

So, on my walk home from work I notice this somewhat newly established eatery on Old York Road and wander in. I take the window seat and as I wait for my food I continue reading the current novel I’m on “What a Carve up”. An infamous 90’s playlist is in the background.

Half way through my meal, a considerably professional group of three walk in and take a seat just one table down from me. We are the only customers sitting inside and the place itself is an intimate room no larger than an average classroom.
Engrossed in my meal, my book and Mambo No.5 playing in the background; the two woman and one man a few feet away from me chat away while pondering over the menu. I overhear the man reconciling events from his previous weekend which included unprepared plans, expensive wine and then hours and hours of sex. This did not faze me however just as he shared his story with his table, the song “Boom Boom Boom Boom” by Vengaboys came on and I snorted from hilarious nostalgia. Do you remember that song? I remember not only that song but the band outstandingly, going all the way back to my primary school days (ahh, back in the days).

The storyteller next to me and myself make eye contact and we both smirk – only now I think he thinks I’m laughing because I overheard his whine of sex and overpriced wine. Hang on, wait a minute – why do I assume this? How do I know this?
There is no further interactions. I finish off my pint, pay the bill and make my way home while it is still light and just after 8pm.

There is a sentiment where everyone has their own story;  how everyone has gone through something that has changed them and that a whole other dimension lies within every individual with their own burdens and problems. It is a reminder to not judge others without taking a walk in their shoes.

afraid love lost

As mentioned earlier, I have had a difficult time this month which has resulted in myself feeling extra emotional and overly, highly-sensitive. I have imagined myself on the verge of breaking down. I have acted short-tempered. I have frowned in public, my mind immersed in all my issues. I have felt sad, embarrassed and hopeless. I have felt misunderstood by others, from how they have reacted to my problems.
All of this bubbling on the inside; in my reality. But that’s the point, only in my reality.

As my reality differs from yours. Ours differs from everyone else’s – that’s over 7 billion realities. Billions and billions of problems, repercussions, emotions, stories, memories…
The key idea here is perception.

quality is overrated

Perception is a funny thing. Be willing to understand the unknown for that is the truth, whomever that truth may belong to.


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