Gourm-EH in 5mins – CocoPine Mince Curry

Giving myself the challenge with these ingredients on hand: pork mince, coconut milk, half a pineapple and some delightful essentials, garlic, ginger, turmeric and lemon. It’s time to experiment, so I put some rice on and kick start my tasty creativity.

This is how the best and exciting dishes get created; I do my research on making a curry from scratch – here is a good link to a recipe for the all-time favourite Thai green curry by The Royal Budha.
I loved using a garlic crusher to pulse half a knob of garlic and a bit of ginger. I added the squeeze of half a lemon and grated some lemon rind into the mix. Together I stirred in water, dashes of turmeric & curry powder along with a hint of coriander powder, cayenne pepper and nutmeg. It would have been great to use a mortar and pestle if I had one but this method proved to work.


After frying the pork mince with a bit of onion and red capsicum, I put this aside and melted some coconut oil in a clean large fry pan. This is where the fun begins – once the pan is hot, cook your curry paste; the room will fill with an amazing aroma. After a few minutes of the ingredients becoming activated, stir in half a can of coconut milk and thereafter add the mince mixture and leave to simmer for about 5 minutes.

Serve in bowls with rice and top with chopped fresh pineapple.


I got a big thumbs up from the boys I live with so give it a try and let me know how it goes. Just remember to experiment with flavours you enjoy and taste as you go along. Next time I will incorporate fresh herbs like mint, coriander, lemon basil and lemongrass. It was also be great to invest in a decent mortar and pestle as crushing together fragrant ingredients will definitely make the experimenting even more enjoyable.

Happy cooking all!


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