Currently based in London, England. I have come from a land down under; one of the most beautiful places on this planet – New Zealand.
I relish in those moments that hurt my face from smiling too much and those dark, grey days that teach me how to understand what I did not know. I grow, learn and develop. Over the years, fear has become my friend. I am here… to live and to love.

I am a fan of butterflies and bubbles, sunshine, flowers, animals, carnivals, icecream, memes, sunrises and sunsets… But that’s not all.

On a mission to be the best that I can personally be. I have travelled to Australia, Bali, Hong Kong, Croatia, Holland, England, Czech Republic, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Denmark, Belgium, Wales – but I hope to cover more ground along my journey. Far from being an astronaut; I enjoy sky gazing, exploring and adventures.
I like drinking whisky with ginger beer and in the other hand, gin with orange juice. My taste buds has a desirable curiosity for all cuisines and I have the culinary skills to whip up a feast in the kitchen.

Where the festivals and drum & bass go, I follow. I am a believer of love and magic. The best sort of people are friends. The world can be healed by decent actions and kind words.

Serendipity means to find something good when you least expect.

Sereney was a nickname given to me in primary school when teachers (for some reason or another) didn’t know how to pronounce Serene. Over the years, pals have called me Sereney Beany. I use to distaste it. The difficulty surrounding the pronunciation of my surname Huynh  was different and hard to pronounce to others. My name has identified with who I am and who I can be, in hope to inspire others to also be free with who they wanna be.

Sereneydipity is my journey which I share with the rest of the world. There are dark times but more often the real story is finding the light at the end of the tunnel. I endeavour to inspire you to follow your heart.

time is a great gift



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